Charles “Cocoa” Maxwell Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Charles “Cocoa” Maxwell Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. was founded by Charles Maxwell Sr. in loving memory of his son who died August 6, 1989. The concept behind the scholarship is to give financial aid to deserving athletic high school seniors in order to encourage their potential and further their education.

The scholarship is aimed at and seeks to encourage those who are often overlooked or over-shadowed, yet who always make a genuine effort. Those who give 100% even though they may not always be at the top of their class or in the spotlight. These are the characteristics for which Charles “Cocoa” Maxwell is so well remembered, and the qualities which will be sought in those to whom this annual scholarship will be given.

Each year, four scholarships are given. Two for boys Football and/or Track, two for girls Track. The qualifications are simple; the student must be a graduating senior from any high school in Santa Fe.