Scholarship Recipients

Many more scholarships than we initially dreamed have been awarded since 1989. To date many recipients of the scholarship have notified us of their graduation and have expressed their gratitude and the importance of the scholarship they received. We can all feel quite proud of these young adults and of the help we were able to provide.

This year’s fundraiser is our 23rd Annual “Cocoa” Maxwell Memorial Golf Tournament which will be held on June 27, 2016 at Marty Sanchez Links de Santa Fe. If you would like to play golf, sponsor a hole, make a donation or sponsor a high school player; please call 505-690-9251. Your support is greatly appreciated.




1989 Santa Fe High Marvin Martinez & Daniel Tapia
1990 St. Michael’s High Aaron Perrault & Frederick A. Martinez
1991 Santa Fe High Vince Jaramillo, Scott Allen Mutz & Samantha Haring
1992 Capital High Daniel Aguilar, Onsimo Vigil, Katie Luck & Angela Blea
Santa Fe High Robert Perez & Aimee Villarreal
1993 St. Michael’s High Toby R. Maldonado & Jami Jo Tobey
1994 Santa Fe Indian School DeAlva Calabaza
Capital High Elijah Oliver Mahn
Santa Fe High Stefan Andermann
1995 Santa Fe High Gayle Segura & Francisco Varela
Capital High Juan Gabriel Gallegos
1996 Santa Fe Indian School Amber Joy Carr
St. Michael’s High Robert Lee Rivera
Santa Fe High Tracie Marble & Nick Reeves
1997 Santa Fe High Sarah Peterson
St. Michael’s High Carlos (Chuck) Lujan & Mark Jared Barela
1998 St. Michael’s High Patrick Ficke
  Capital High Cole Willford
  Santa Fe Indian School Tracie Marble
1999 Santa Fe High Don Ortega
  Capital High Leanne Vigil
  St. Michael’s High Orlando Gallegos
2000 Santa Fe Indian School Joni Rae Watuema
Desert Academy James Garduno
2001 Capital High Mikel Cody Evans
Santa Fe High Brittany L. Robinson & Michael A. Padilla
2002 St. Michael’s High Catherine Lopez & Spencer Ruyle
Santa Fe High Kyle Henderson
2003 St. Michael’s High Renee Anaya
Santa Fe High Stephen Baros
2004 Santa Fe High Andrew Tsabetsaye, Cathleen Hyun & Tiffany Kress
St. Michael’s High Thomas S. Romero
2005 Santa Fe High James Felix Gallegos , Ashley Martinez
Megan A. Benavidez & Joseph A. With
2006 Santa Fe High Robert J. Ortiz & Aaron Matthew Shirley
St. Michael’s High Kimberly Miera & Irena Ossola
2007 Santa Fe High Elizabeth Baca
Capital High Joseph Tsabetsaye
2007 St. Michael’s High Jason Vigil & Jessica Bartleson
2008 Santa Fe High Margaret Knapp, Elena V. Valdez & Derrick C. Nunez
St. Michael’s High Joshua C. Gallegos
2009 Santa Fe High Estevan Mares & Brandon Hurtado
St. Michael’s High Tess Amer & Kenneth Kinderwater
2010 Santa Fe High Justin D. Baca, Michael Dean & Morgan Redmond
St. Michael’s High Alexander Montoya Valdez
2011 St. Michael’s High Danielle Rael, Kate Northscot, Joel M. Fernandez
    & Christian Mendez
2012 St. Michael’s High Nicholas Montoya Valdez, Kaegan Schultz
NM School for the Deaf Michael Jendusa
    & Eddie DeBruyn
2013 Santa Fe High Jordan Booth-Homer
  St. Michael’s High Cory Serna
  NM School for the Deaf Garret Trujillo
2014 Santa Fe High Tiffany Garcia & Taylor Cherwinski
St. Michael’s High Haley Marcus & Daniel Ortega
2015 Santa Fe High Christopher Vigil & Kyra Hewett
St. Michael’s High Julio-Ceasar Garcia & Adriana Camarena-Leija
2016 Capital High School Augustine Larrañaga
St. Michael’s High School Andres Delgado
Felicia Sandoval
Jourdan Gonzales
2017 St. Michael’s High School Lauren Dawson
Jocelyn Fernandez
Jackson Compton
Estevan Alcaraz
2018 Santa Fe High School Roberto Alarid
Jared Jones
St. Michael’s High School Lauren Chaffins
Lauren Naranjo
2019 St. Michael’s High School Joelyn Fernandez – Girls Track
Justin Angel – Boys Track
Joshua De Lira – Boys Football