The History of the Scholarship

After “Cocoa’s” death, his sisters and the kids from all the different Santa Fe Schools, SFHS, Capital, St. Mike, SF Prep, SF Indian, and St. Catherine, football and track teams, both boys and girls decided that they wanted to do something to keep his memory alive. We sat down and discussed different options, the kids and I decided a scholarship would be appropriate.

Having no idea about funding we went to Mr. Buchholz of Sun West Bank and asked for assistance in setting-up an account. We ran an article in the newspaper describing our intentions. Poncho Morrison of The New Mexican and Tom Jones of The Journal North were very helpful.

Our original members were: Bobbye Maxwell, Jerry Solomon, Maria Reyes, Susan Collins, Bill and Alice Jennison, T-Ray Henry, Wally Green and Peter Graham.

Our first large donation came after we approached Annabella Montoya at Colony Materials, she spoke with her boss, Mr. Naumberg, who made a generous donation, his donations continued yearly until his death.

One Sunday, I was introduced to Robert Lawrence while he and his family were having lunch at The Tecolote Café. He had read the article in the paper and offered to help us. He reviewed what we had done and with his help, within 30 days all requirements were met, we were incorporated and had a tax exempt number.

In my mind, I made a commitment to the scholarship that would last four years. The intent was to offer help to those students who knew “Cocoa”. The community began to support the scholarship and four years have come and gone and the scholarship continues. The support of The Santa Fe Community and surrounding areas is what has made the scholarship what it is and will be.

About the name “Cocoa”